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Economic & Community Development

  1. Á la Carrboro Business Inquiry Form

    Under an emergency proclamation signed by Mayor Lydia Lavelle on Friday, June 26, 2020, the Town of Carrboro is relaxing rules... More…

Fire-Rescue Department

  1. Fire Extinguisher Class Request Form

    This form is for requests for fire extinguisher classes. Please submit your request at least 30 days in advance. If you request... More…

  2. Home Safety Inspection Request

    This form is for requests for courtesy home safety inspections. If you request assistance, please contact the station at (919)... More…

  3. Reflective Address Sign Order Form

    This is an order form for reflective address markers.

  1. Fire Prevention Permit Request

    This form is for requests for Fire Prevention permits. Please submit your request at least 30 days in advance. If you request... More…

  2. Public Education Request Form

    This form is for requests for public education events. Examples include station tours, block parties, birthday parties, and... More…

Police Department

  1. Animal Services Complaint Form

    Please fill out the following form if you have any complaint about Animal Services inside the Town of Carrboro. The Town of Carrboro... More…

  2. Ask an Officer

    Ever wonder how the Carrboro Police Department responds to calls for service? Do you want additional information on safety in... More…

  3. Commend an Officer Form

    Did you receive professional service that you thought was above and beyond the call of duty? Please take a moment to fill out this... More…

  4. General Comment

    If you have a general comment about police operations in the Town of Carrboro, feel free to submit them here.

  5. Towing Complaint Form

    If you wish to file a towing complaint, please fill out the form below as completely as possible. By policy, we cannot investigate a... More…

  1. Application for Permit to Solicit

    This application is required to obtain a permit for solicitation.

  2. Bicycle Registration Form

    Register your bicycle with Carrboro Police Department. In the event that it is lost or stolen, this will aide officers in returning... More…

  3. Complaint

    To file a formal complaint against an officer, please fill out the information below as completely as possible. Incomplete, incorrect... More…

  4. Parking Violation Appeal Form

    All persons receiving a parking citation have the right to appeal within fifteen (15) days of the date of the citation. To file an... More…

  5. Traffic Complaint

    Please fill out this form to inform officers of a traffic complaint. All complaints will be submitted electronically.

Public Works Department

  1. Pet Waste Issue

    Use this form to report a pet waste issue

  2. Report a Streets Maintenance Issue

    Report a Streets Maintenance Issue

  1. Report a Missed Waste Collection

    Report a Missed Waste Collection

  2. Stormwater Service Request

    Submit a request for service from the Stormwater Staff

Site Feedback

  1. Site Feedback

    The Town of Carrboro is always looking for ways to improve our website and appreciate any feedback.

Town Clerk's Office

  1. Advisory Board Application

    Use this form to submit your application for an advisory board seat.

  2. Youth Advisory Board Application

    Applications for this Board will be reviewed by the Mayor in conjunction with a staff liaison. Demographic information is asked to... More…

  1. Advisory Board Chair Report (Complete One Per Applicant)

    Advisory Board Chairs should complete a form for each application that they have reviewed.

Town Manager's Office

  1. Application for Carrboro Oral History Volunteer Interviewer
  2. Neighborhood/Homeowners Association Registration
  1. Neighborhood Liaisons Registration

    The Town of Carrboro seeks to build a team of engagement liaisons willing to share and exchange information between the Town and their... More…

  2. Request a Field Trip to Town Hall

    Please complete this form if you're class is interested in visiting Town Hall to meet the Mayor and/or other town employees including... More…