What are the alignment options?

In adopting the plan in 2009, the then-Board of Aldermen decided that additional public input was needed before deciding on the alignment of Phases 3 and 4. Alternative alignments or options for different ways of traveling were added into the plan, as described by the plan/consultant based on the direction received from the Board. Greenways Incorporated, which prepared the Bolin Creek Greenway Conceptual Plan in 2009, stated that the goal of the different trail alignments was to provide options to the public that were different from one another so that user needs and preference, origins and destinations could be determined.

Please note that the plan has not been updated since 2009, and some of the maps do not show conditions and facilities which have since been constructed and may affect design considerations for the options shown.  

The alignment options are as follows: 

  • Creekside Trail Alignment – The proposed design for the greenway, recommended in the Bolin Creek Greenway Conceptual Master Plan, is for approximately two miles of trail near Bolin Creek, which extends from Estes Drive to Homestead Road. This option was identified as the ‘preferred alignment’ in the final draft of the plan and described as the most successful in terms of serving the largest number of neighborhoods along the corridor, offering the most options for accessing the trail.
  • Upland Forest Alignment – A greenway alternative outside the floodplain that would direct users to Seawell School Road. This route utilizes existing trail corridors that vary in width from 18 inches to 15 feet. Some of the constraints of this alignment include steep topography, increased engineering costs, and potential ADA accessibility constraints.
  • Bolin Connector Alignment – This route would tie into existing and proposed bicycle facilities. Proposed to create a “Complete Streets” concept. Complete Streets accommodate all modes of transportation, allowing bicyclists, pedestrians, transit users, vehicles, as well as commercial and emergency vehicles to navigate Town streets safely. Challenges of this alignment include concerns that many parents expressed during 2009 engagement that they desired an off-road facility for their children to safely bicycle on. Additionally, making cost effective trail connections from Estes Drive to Homestead Road presented engineering constraints.

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2. What are the alignment options?
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