Bolin Creek Greenway

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The Bolin Creek Greenway Conceptual Master Plan, adopted by the Town of Carrboro in 2009, plans for improvements to the corridor along Bolin Creek and Jones Creek to allow for walking, wheeling and bicycling, including action steps, project prioritization and phasing, land acquisition strategies, and potential renovation recommendations. 

The planning area (Bolin Creek Conceptual Master Plan) starts at Estes Drive Extension and encompasses the land around the creek through Carolina North Forest to Homestead Road. It continues to a point of connection with the existing Jones Creek Greenway in the future Twin Creeks Park that extends to Morris Grove Elementary School.

Since the Bolin Creek Greenway concept plan was approved in 2009, the Town has completed two phases of the project. The Wilson Park Multi-use Path connects Wilson Park and nearby neighborhoods, Estes Drive, Estes Park Apartments, and the walking trails of the Adams Tract. The Homestead Road–Chapel Hill High School Multi-use Path connects the Winmore and Claremont neighborhoods to Chapel Hill High School, Smith Middle School, and Seawell Elementary School. 

The Bolin Creek Greenway Master Plan includes five phases.  To date, two have been completed.  

  • Already completed sections of trail - Phases 1a and 1b have been constructed and are in use. Phase 1a begins at Wilson Park and terminates just before the railroad across Estes Drive for a total of .4 miles. Phase 1b begins at Chapel Hill High School and crosses Bolin Creek and then continues under Homestead Road. Connections exist to the Claremont South and Claremont neighborhoods. 
  • Phase 2 is intended to tie into the trails at Lake Hogan Farms with connections made to the Jones Creek Greenway.  Phase 2 is .61 miles in length. Update: This is included in long-range transportation plans. 
  • Phase 3 provides the majority of centralized east/west connections from the Bolin Creek Greenway corridor to nearby neighborhoods. 
  • Phase 4 continues from the railroad tracks through the PH Craig tract.

Bolin Creek Greenway, Phases 3 and 4, are two of five greenway segments identified in the Town of Carrboro, NC Bolin Creek Greenway Conceptual Master Plan (CMP, 2009; Greenways. Federal Transportation funds to develop the plan were provided through the NCDOT transportation improvements and prioritization processes. The Town solicited qualifications from firms to complete the conceptual plan in 2008. The Greenways Commission assisted with the review and recommended contracting with a consulting firm, Greenways, Inc.

Bolin Creek Greenway Conceptual Master Plan Maps & Visuals 

Bolin Creek Greenway
Bolin Creek Greenway (1)
Bolin Creek Greenway (3)
Bolin Creek Greenway (2)