Sustainability, Energy & Climate Change

Carrboro 2009 Climate Protection Resolution

The Town of Carrboro will seek, and will facilitate the community at large, to cut CO2 emissions by its proportion of the amount which is required to stabilize the climate back to less than 350 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere in time for a 90% probability for success as defined by the most up to date scientific consensus.

From Carrboro Vision 2020

5.51 The Town should publicly promote every available means of energy conservation. The Town’s own alternative and renewable energy targets should include passive and active solar, and composted waste co-generation to fuel public vehicles and the heating of Town facilities.
5.52 The Town should set a goal of reduced energy costs in all Town buildings and increased fleet mileage for all town vehicles.

These pages, links and documents can be used to learn about local greenhouse gas inventories and energy planning, an energy efficiency program ("Carrboro WISE") pursued from 2011-2013, renewable energy projects, a study of sustainability for Carrboro Homeowners Associations, and related energy and sustainability topics.

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